PHP 7 is here! Get a jump on it with this one day class. In this class we will cover the material necessary to take advantage of the new advanced capabilities introduced in PHP 7. This class will allow you to update your development plans right now and stay ahead of the competition.

Zend is already delivering nightly builds for developers, allowing them to start preparing their applications and test their code early. But are you really prepared for PHP 7? Don't settle for just getting the high-points. Understand which new features and benefits are introduced with PHP 7 and how they will affect you, so that you can start to set the stage for the incredible performance enhancements of PHP 7.

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What will I learn from this Class?

PHP 7 Jump Start is a 5 hour class that will go over everything you need to know about PHP 7 and provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure that your applications are ready to take advantage of the innovations and performance enhancement introduced in PHP7. This class will review all the new features that have been approved, explain the functionality in detail and show you where it may affect your code. This class delivers the essential information for experienced PHP developers who want to get a jump start on PHP 7. It is designed to ensure that you are ready to take advantage of the new PHP 7 runtime's benefits

PHP Developer Audience

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced PHP developers who have a solid foundation in the PHP language and OOP. PHP developers who have at least 6-12 months of active development  experience with PHP with limited OOP/OOD programming experience.

PHP 7 Prerequisites

Solid understanding of PHP at an intermediate to advanced level and experience with developing object oriented PHP. 

PHP 7 Class Format

This interactive online class is 5 hours long led by a certified instructor. Students are granted access to the recorded sessions after the class ends, so you can review the material covered.

PHP 7 Jump Start Training - Class outline


  1. Introduction to PHP 7
  2. PHP 7 Backward compatibility
  3. High Impact features
  4. Conclusions
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